US spy released after 20 years: Espionage through Cuba

Member Cunningham died last Tuesday (January 3) in Houston, USA

The notorious spy Ana Montes was captured by the United States on charges of espionage for Cuba. After serving 20 years in prison, this popular US intelligence analyst has been released.

According to the British media BBC, Ana Montes was released from a federal prison in Texas on Friday (January 6).

Anna worked as an analyst in the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). He had been spying for Cuba for nearly two decades during the Cold War. A US official commented that Ana Montes was one of the most dangerous spies captured by the US.
U.S. officials said Ana Montes had almost completely leaked U.S. intelligence to the island nation. For this reason, this 65-year-old former intelligence analyst was arrested in 2001.
Michel Van Cleve was the head of counter-intelligence under George W. Bush. “Montes knew everything we knew about Cuba and how to operate there,” he told Congress in 2012.

After his arrest, Montes was charged with providing the identities of four US spies in Havana and a large trove of classified information. He was later sentenced to 25 years in prison.
Montes was not driven by self-interest like other top spies caught during the Cold War. Rather, he worked for Cuba for ideological reasons. Montes agreed to work for Cuban intelligence primarily because he was opposed to the then-Reagan administration’s activities in Latin America.
The US administration supported the Contra rebels in Nicaragua. Montes was contacted by a student at Johns Hopkins University in 1984 after expressing outrage against this action. Later, Ana was introduced to a Cuban spy. At a dinner in New York, USA, he agreed to help Nicaragua through the Cubans. After moving to Havana for training in 1985, Ana Montes joined the Defense Intelligence Agency. There he became a senior analyst for the Cuban Communist government. Ana Montes regularly met with Cuban messengers at restaurants in Washington for two decades and sent coded messages containing classified information via pager.

The final arrest of Ana Montes in September 2001 was shown by the US government. US intelligence had information that a government employee was smuggling information through Cuba. An FBI member who was on the team that arrested Anna said that Anna was calm when she was caught.
However, although he was sentenced to 25 years in prison, he was released five years before the scheduled time. However, he will have to be under surveillance for the next five years. During this time his internet usage will be monitored. Besides, he can no longer work in any government office. Also, he cannot communicate with foreign agents without permission.

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