The brides were naked! Meet the MAFS stars that put Tamara Djordjevic and Jessika Power to shame with their extremely pornographic Instagram posts

The “sexiest season ever” of Married At First Sight is expected to air this year.

And the show’s filthy slogan definitely applies to the newlyweds Melinda Willis, Bronte Schofield, and Claire Nomarhas.

Melinda, 32, defines herself as an attractive entrepreneur who is self-assured and outspoken.

The bikini-clad photographs were posted by the blonde beauty on Instagram many times in the days before the debut.

Bronte Schofield, a 28-year-old “pocket rocket,” is no stranger to raising the temperature on social media.

In recent months, the Perth-based online beauty expert has shared a ton of bust-baring pictures on Instagram.

Her pictures show how much she enjoys exercising and lounging on the beach.

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Although Bronte’s life may appear carefree, too many instances of hurt and betrayal have left her with trust problems.

Bronte admits to letting guys take advantage of her compassion and walk all over her, something her family is constantly on the alert to guard her against.

According to her, she wants to engage in intriguing dialogues with a dominant guy.

Another bride who isn’t afraid to engage in risqué behavior on her socials is kindergarten aide Claire.

The 31-year-old, a native of Melbourne, has several tattoos, which are seen in many of her bikini photos.

In addition to being an outdoor enthusiast and an adrenaline addict, Claire also has a sensitive side and a spiritual side.

On Instagram, Caitlin McConville enjoys a good thirst trap.

Caitlin, 27, has an astounding array of tattoos on her hands and torso, just like some of her fellow brides.

Janelle Han, who has participated in influencer ads for underwear manufacturers, has a few lingerie photos on her Instagram account.


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