Michael B. Jordan Defeats Flirty Cast and Reflects on Soap Opera Past in SNL Video

Michael B. Jordan is undoubtedly motivated. He now wants to hold the title of Sexiest Man Alive forever after winning People’s poll for the year 2020. Is there another way to describe how endearing and crushable he is than in the monologue he did for this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live?

Jordan begins by telling a story about his name that sounds like it belongs in the Catskills in 1939. Michael B. Hostin is a. Jokin’, Michael B. And, sincerity? Michael B. Panicked It’s low-hanging fruit, yet he instantly transforms from slick to vulnerable, and who wouldn’t swoon?

He informs the audience that he was in the same studio as All My Children when he was 16 years old while filming a scene for the program earlier in the week. Reggie Porter, who had previously/briefly been portrayed by Chadwick Boseman, was the character he played for three and a half years. Is there anything hotter than a guy with a Creed physique and humility to boot? Jordan makes fun of his clumsiness.

Jordan continues by discussing his most recent split (honestly? Check. Sexy.), causing Chloe Fineman, Heidi Gardner, and Ego Nwodim to emerge and make increasingly ostentatious attempts to capture his affection. Even Punkie Johnson, who is blatantly gay and proud of it, initiates contact. Punchie B Curious!” she barks, pawing at his chest.

Please launch a social media campaign for this man. Let’s protest against People until they stop giving him the Sexiest Man Alive award and stop doing so altogether. #MichaelBSexyForever

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