Jake Paul receives Tommy Fury’s Rare backing for his YouTube fighting career

Paul, a YouTube celebrity with whom Fury has had a long-running acrimonious dispute, and the two are now scheduled to resolve it on February 26 in Saudi Arabia, have appeared to support each other’s participation in the sport.

In advance of his bout with Jake Paul, Tommy Fury asserted that YouTube boxing is wonderful for the sport.

On February 26 in Saudi Arabia, Fury will finally put an end to his feud with YouTube sensation Paul. Two earlier meetings between the two were arranged, but Fury was forced to cancel the first one due to a fractured rib, and then the British fighter was prohibited from traveling to the US for the second one.

Despite the fact that the two are fierce competitors, Fury has previously said that the only motivation for it is money since he stands to make a lot of money from their fight. And as a further sign of admiration for influencer boxing, Fury said it’s critical to introduce fresh perspectives to the established ranks.

When asked about Paul’s career’s effect on boxing as a whole, Fury told Piers Morgan, “In my opinion it adds fresh eyes to boxing.” “Really, the only thing I can say in its favor is that. Other than that, it is what it is; they are amateur boxers who are simply having fun.

They are just truly doing it to amuse the audience and make a few dollars. However, you are going to find out what would happen when you put one of them against a professional boxer. But I don’t know, it’s opening up new audiences for the sport, and kids who wouldn’t typically watch it are becoming engaged, so yeah, that’s really amazing.

New influencers have entered the sport as a result of Paul’s inspiration, notably his brother Logan and YouTube opponent KSI. Although many have stated that the popularity of YouTube boxing is hurting the conventional ranks, it is also possible to argue that it is drawing a new audience to sports. More Info..

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