In a recent interview, Olivia Newton-daughter John’s discusses her final moments with her mother

About six months after the actress and singer’s breast cancer death, her family is sharing memories of her.

After Newton-passing John’s in August, his spouse John Easterling and daughter Chloe Lattanzi sat down for their first joint television interview with Hoda Kotb of the “Today” show.

They lauded the “Grease” actress as “caring” and “generous” in the interview that aired on Friday, but they largely recalled her as a wife and mother.

I adore my mother more than anything, and to me, she is simply my mother; she is not Olivia Newton-John,” stated Lattanzi. But I’m so happy that so many people knew her as Olivia Newton-John.

Lattanzi, with whom Newton-John cohabited with her first husband Matt Lattanzi, also thought back on a few of her mother’s last moments.

She said that before she lost her capacity to talk, she was cracking jokes and that her final words to me were “my sunshine.”

Chloe Lattanzi, Newton-daughter, John’s recalled her mother cracking jokes just before she passed away.
Death of Olivia Newton-John at age 73:
famous for her role as Sandy in “Grease,” passes away after a breast cancer struggle

Newton-John shown “willpower” to “bring in the light and to bring in the love” in her dying days, according to Easterling, who claimed to still speak to his wife aloud while going about his daily business. She “was who she was through and through,” he said.

On August 8, 2022, Easterling posted a message on Newton-verified John’s Facebook profile confirming his wife’s passing, stating that she had “gone away quietly at her ranch in Southern California this morning, surrounded by family and friends.”

Easterling stated at the time that Olivia had “been a symbol of achievements and hope for over 30 years sharing her struggle with breast cancer.”

In their first TV interview together since the “Grease” actress passed away, John Easterling and Olivia Newton-late John’s wife described one other as “caring” and “kind.”
A “life raft” and a “huge embrace from the cosmos” have been sent to Newton-family John’s in the form of condolences from fans, according to Lattanzi on “Today.”

With the Friday release of a new duet featuring Dolly Parton and Newton-John singing “Jolene,” Newton-John was able to offer her admirers one more present. Her farewell song and music video were both for this tune.

The first tune on Newton-posthumous John’s album, “Just the Two of Us,” which will be available on May 5, is “Jolene.” According to a press release, the album includes duets with singers including Mariah Carey, Michael McDonald, John Travolta, and her daughter.

“I can’t wait to listen to that record, and may you rest in peace, Olivia. No one else will ever be able to fill the void you left “In the press statement, Parton added.

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