In a drive-by shooting in Lakeland, Florida, police report 10 injuries

Broadcast News On Monday afternoon in Lakeland, Florida, a drive-by shooting left at least 10 people injured, according to authorities.

On Tuesday morning, they were still seeking for the shooters.

At a press conference on Monday evening, Lakeland Police Chief Sam Taylor stated that the gunshot appeared to have been targeted rather than accidental.

Two people, according to Taylor, are in critical condition. At the time of the press conference, one was currently undergoing surgery, while the other was “either in surgery or headed to surgery.” According to Taylor, one of them had an abdominal wound and the other had a gunshot wound to the “jaw area.”

He said that eight other persons suffered non-life-threatening injuries. According to Taylor, one of them had a ricochet injury.

According to Taylor, all of the victims were adult males “identified as between the ages of 20 and 35.”

This is not something that occurs in Lakeland, he declared. “We consider ourselves to be a tiny town located between Tampa and Orlando, so when things like this happen, it kind of touches home with me a little bit. This truly bothers me to some level. Maybe we’re no longer a little town.”

According to Taylor, the incident occurred at around 3:45 p.m., and shots were fired out of a sluggish four-door Nissan’s four windows. The vehicle was reported as having tinted windows, a temporary tag, and a dark blue exterior.

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