Due to damaged ribs, Nikolay Drozdov was hospitalized

After an unlucky incident on the sidewalk, biologist and TV host Nikolai Drozdov, 85, is in the hospital with shattered ribs. Dmitry Dunaev and Konstantin Miroshnik, two of Drozdov’s pals, informed Moskovsky Komsomolets and TASS about this.

According to Miroshnik, the TV host was coming from work at Moscow State University when she slipped and collapsed on the sidewalk. Doctors discovered eight broken ribs in Drozdov. He was first brought to critical care before being moved to a different ward.

Drozdov, according to Dunaev, spent a few days in the critical care unit rather than lying in it because the physicians wanted to see whether any other organs were hurt. “It ended up being OK, everything. He is currently recovering in an average ward. Everything came together, the composer stated.

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Drozdov’s health has also been affirmed by Moscow State University for TASS.

Russian naturalist Nikolai Drozdov is also a TV host, a fellow of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, and a distinguished professor at Moscow State University. He presided over the well-liked scientific TV program In the Animal World from 1977 until 2019.

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