Bob, Hailey Bieber’s new boyfriend, has replaced her sleek signature hair

It’s no secret that we’re enthralled by the Hailey Bieber beauty world, from her hyper-sugary glazed donut manicures to her coveted bronde hair color from last year. Hailey is no stranger to transient beauty transformations, whether she’s experimenting with ruby-hued wigs, flaunting stunning off-duty waves, bringing back neon nineties claw clips, or expressing her inner clean girl with a scraped back bun.

In fact, the model’s dedication to growing out her sleek brown lengths was the only aspect of Bieber’s beauty appearance that remained constant until 2022. But of course, 2023 has already seen that concept go out the door in the customary “new year, new me” approach.

Yes, Hailey Bieber has cut off her shiny, mature-looking lengths and replaced them with a brand-new, shoulder-length style that is perfect for spring.

Over the weekend, the 26-year-old revealed her frank new lover, bob, on Instagram stories. After bragging that it had taken her three years to grow her hair out, Bieber showed off her natural hair length just a few weeks before to the abrupt and dramatic chop. legally able to style a ponytail without clip-ins or extensions.

The inventor of Rhode skincare has a shoulder-length blocky haircut and hair ties are firmly back on the sidelines less than two weeks later.

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Hailey effortlessly eliminated the dramatic trim, leaving only the succinct phrase “oops” in place. We think this could be the coolest “oops” haircut ever after seeing the super cool lady cut in action.

We have included striking chunky bobs on our 2023 beauty bingo cards, so seeing Bieber rock the look gives us hope for the next year.

hailey bieber sports a blunt bob.

When discussing his New Year’s hair predictions with ELLE UK, Hershesons CEO Luke Hersheson said that 2023 will be the year of the chunky bob. Bobs won’t be going away anytime soon, and I still believe that there is a bob for every face shape, whether it be jaw-length, long, rounded, short, curly, etc. But now that they’re being trimmed, there’s a chunkiness to them; they’re a little heavier on the ends, and I believe it allows you to wear things a little bit more pumped up.

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