Actress Lisa Loring from Wednesday Addams passes away at age 64 from a “massive stroke”

After having a “massive stroke,” Lisa Loring passed away at the age of 64.

After being taken off life support, the actress, best remembered for playing Wednesday in The Addams Family in the middle of the 1960s, passed away.

Her close friend Laure Jacobson announced her passing in an upsetting social media post, writing: “I must inform you with deep sorrow of our friend Lisa Loring’s passing. She had a severe stroke 4 days ago as a result of smoking and high blood pressure.

“For three days, she had been on life support. She went away last night after her family took the agonizing decision to remove it yesterday.”

She went on: “She is permanently ingrained as Wednesday Addams in our hearts and the fabric of popular culture. Lisa has left a lasting impression on the entertainment industry. She is beautiful, sweet, and a devoted mother. A richness of humor, love, and compassion will live on in our memories as her family and friends‘ legacy.”

Finally, Laure said: “Adieu, Lisa. Wow, girl… You were great fun.”

She passed away quietly with both of her children holding her hands, according to daughter Vanessa Foumberg, who also confirmed her mother’s departure to Variety.

Thanks to Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday on Netflix, the enduring Wednesday character has recently gained new attention.

The character, played by Jenna, is the off-screen daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams.

The first Wednesday in the live-action remake of Charles Addams’ New Yorker cartoons was played by Lisa. Her version of the show aired 64 episodes in total from 1964 and 1966.

Lisa went on to portray roles in The Pruitts of Southampton, The Girl from UNCLE, Fantasy Island, and Barnaby Jones after the series ended.

She was cast in a recurring role as Cricket Montgomery on As The World Turns from 1980 to 1983.

Her two daughters are her only heirs. Click to know better

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